Learning to talk

We couldn’t wait for Kaveh to start talking and hear what his little baby voice would sound like. It was no surprise that one of the first words he learned was car. He was obsessed with cars and especially big trucks. He probably collected over 200 matchbox cars from birthdays, holidays, or the casual visitContinue reading “Learning to talk”

A Birthday, a Wedding, and a Heart Attack

We took Kaveh for his first plane flight to Munster for a very busy week with two big events to celebrate: his first birthday and my brother Rob’s wedding. But the real excitement began when my dad decided to have a massive heart attack right after Kaveh’s birthday party had ended. We think it wasContinue reading “A Birthday, a Wedding, and a Heart Attack”

Baby Kaveh, Part II

(I’ll try to spare bad puns like “Number 2” or “Part doo-doo”) As magical as those first few days were with our new baby my parents visiting from Indiana, they didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked either. Despite attending the breast-feeding class, she still couldn’t get him to latch on properly. IContinue reading “Baby Kaveh, Part II”

Baby Kaveh

After the wedding and graduating residency, we moved to California to begin our new lives together and our new careers at Kaiser Permanente. We had some issues to work through that first year, like many couples. Of course, it was usually my fault, either by something ignorant popping out of my mouth or doing somethingContinue reading “Baby Kaveh”

My Wife

It wouldn’t be proper to jump right into my adventures without first introducing my wife, Pooneh. She didn’t move to the U.S. until after she finished high school in 1985, which was six years after the Iranian revolution. Speaking only a very primitive form of English when she arrived in California, she learned quickly throughContinue reading “My Wife”